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Our story

We're a couple of regular Norwegians who hope to change the world for the better. This is our story so far.​


It was a snowy evening in the bustling city of Oslo, when we (three brothers) found ourselves seated in a dimly lit bar, discussing the odds of finding love. As bachelors and self-proclaimed "nerds," we used mathematics to break down the chances of attracting someone, gauging chemistry, and determining single status. But the odds were not in our favour at all.

We were shocked to discover that the chance of finding a meaningful connection in a bar, nightclub or any other place for that matter are less than 0.5%. And for the LGBTQ+ community, the odds are a lot lower. The realisation prompted us to question if it was possible to predict where the right place and the right time would be. For LGBTQ+ people, this has traditionally been gay bars, which is the only place where the LGBTQ+ community could increase their odds of finding love and community out in the real world.

But what about all other venues? What about the parks, museums, festivals, and beaches where people gather and socialise? We saw an opportunity to give the LGBTQ+ community the freedom to choose where and when. We envisioned an app that would connect the LGBTQ+ community, allowing the community to see where the chances of finding love, friendship, or just a good time were the highest.

With a lot of passion, we set out to build a team to bring our dream to life. We found a talented technical wizard who would help turn the vision into a reality. The launch was set for the summer of 2022, but fate had other plans. The night before the grand launch, two people were tragically killed outside of a gay bar in Oslo, and the government cancelled the Pride parade and all related events. The launch party was cancelled, but the city of Oslo rallied together, creating an unscheduled Pride parade, showing that love and acceptance could not be silenced by hate.


Regardless of the terrible events, we were neither technically nor financially prepared for the launch in 2022, and after two months, we decided to take a step back, regrouped, and made a plan to make our app better. The summer of 2022 became a "beta test" for us, and we have used the time since to build a stronger team and improve the product.

And so, on April 14th, 2023, Join Gaybar will finally launch in the UK, giving the LGBTQ+ community the tools to connect and find love, friendship, and acceptance wherever they go. Whether you’re looking for a rainbow-colored BBQ party in the park or a fun night out on the town, Join Gaybar is the app you need to enhance the chances of finding what you’re looking for.

From the founders of Join Gaybar, we invite you to join us on our mission to connect the LGBTQ+ community and bring love, acceptance, and inclusion to every corner of the world.

Thomas (CEO of JGB)

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