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Security guidelines

Although modern societies have made considerable progress, LGBTQ+ people continue to experience discrimination, harassment, inequality and abuse because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. This happens with varying intensity across the globe.

Join Gaybar’s goal is to be a force for good for all LGBTQ+ people in this world! Nevertheless, the app’s main feature is to bring users together in the real world, which inevitably has the potential to put users at risk.

It is therefore important that you read, understand and embody the recommendations below. Doing so decreases the likelihood that you will experience harmful situations. Unfortunately, as with everything, one cannot reduce the risk to zero, but taking some precautions will go a long way.

Digital security recommendations

As society digitalizes, digital security has become very important. Today, there is a decent level of security by design in many operating systems and applications, but one can never be 100% secure. Your “digital hygiene” is therefore an important factor in determining how vulnerable you are to malicious actors, and the recommendations below will hopefully help you develop some healthy habits.

  • If you believe that being associated with Join Gaybar puts you at risk, do not post pictures with features that can be used to reveal your identity. Examples are pictures of your face, family and friends, tattoos, streets, furniture, decorations, employment details, etc.

  • Ensure that you remove metadata from pictures you upload on Join Gaybar. You can do this in the photo gallery on most smartphones, or you can download apps that do it for you.

  • If you believe that being associated with Join Gaybar puts you at risk, do not use your real name in the application. You can change your name in Settings.

  • Do not post personal information like your phone number, email, address, bank details, or anything else that can be used to identify you on your profile or anywhere else in the app. Or on any other app, for that matter.

  • Do not connect or link to your social media accounts in the application. 

  • Establish a new email address dedicated to managing your Join Gaybar account.

  • Create a password with a minimum of 14 characters. It does not have to be a random string of letters, numbers and symbols - the length is what matters. For example, lyrics from your favourite song or the name of the first three elements in the periodic table will be excellent passwords, as they are very hard to crack.

  • Keep your device locked with biometric security, such as fingerprint or face recognition. If biometric security is not available, set a password or a PIN to unlock the device. Ensure that your device locks after a maximum of 30 seconds of inactivity.

  • Use multi factor authentication (MFA) on as many accounts as possible. This does not just apply to Join Gaybar, but everything you use.

  • Never leave your device unattended when you are in a public setting.

  • Install an anti-malware program on your device.

  • Always keep the software on your device up to date.

  • Be careful when using public, unsecured WiFi - for example at hotels, coffee shops, libraries, etc. If permissible by law in your country, consider using a VPN-solution when you connect to such networks.

  • If you carry sensitive information, images or videos on your phone, ensure that they are stored in a secure location. Most phones offer so-called private vaults, but if not you may download an application for this. If no application is available, store such information on an encrypted, external hard drive.

  • If your interaction with other users - either physically or digitally - causes you harm or in some other way feels threatening, report this in the app. The user will then be blocked from interacting with you, and we will take investigative action to potentially exclude them from the platform.

Physical security recommendations

Since Join Gaybar primarily is about bringing people together in the real world, it is important that you take some precautions. This is especially true if you live in a place where LGBTQ+ people are targets for persecution, harassment or other kinds of harmful behavior.

  • Check in at safe public places where there are several other people. 

  • Do not go alone. Bring some friends. Being alone can make you a more likely target.

  • If you are going alone, tell someone where you are going. Have a friend come meet you or call you at some point to check that you are okay.

  • Locate the exits of the venue you’re at, so that if you need to get out of there in a hurry, you’ll know where to go.

  • Do not engage in excessive alcohol or drug use. Avoid leaving your drink unattended and consuming unknown beverages or other substances.

  • If a threatening situation occurs, try to escape from the situation, de-escalate or hide. Do not confront unless you must.

  • Ensure that you have the contact information of local law enforcement and health services easily accessible on your phone.

  • If you are in a place where being identified as LGBTQ+ may trigger legal persecution, ensure that you know your legal rights.

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