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Community guidelines

Join Gaybar is committed to being a place where great experiences come true. To bring this about, we require a certain level of common decency from all our users. Below are our most important expectations for your behavior on and off the app, but for a more detailed overview, please see the Terms and Conditions. 


We are big fans of freedom of speech, but we strongly suggest that you keep your criticism of other people to an absolute minimum. Focus on who you are and what you like, not what you dislike about others.


Furthermore, if someone wants to be left alone, you leave them alone. Abusing our systems to set up new accounts to harass or report people who have previously blocked you will cause you to be permanently banned from our platform.

Hate, violence, and offensive content

Hate speech or violence of any kind is obviously strictly prohibited on Join Gaybar. If we find out that you with malicious intent have abused or threatened other users, you have nothing to do here. If you post content that we find inappropriate - e.g. graphic, offensive, insensitive, etc. - we may remove it, even if you had no malicious intent when you posted it.


You may not post content of self-harm or suicide - this can be distressful for others to watch. If you see someone that you believe is in trouble, let us know ASAP.

Nudity and sexual content

Sex is fine, and we know that some of our users are motivated by this. However, you cannot post pornographic or sexually explicit content on your public profile or in public stories. Remember that if Join Gaybar isn’t acceptable to the people in the Apple and Google’s app stores, they will kick us out. And then there will be no more Join Gaybar!


So please, keep such photos limited to private communication channels. And always make sure that you have consent from the recipient first.

Don’t break the law

The law applies just as much online as offline. If something is illegal in the country you’re in, you cannot engage in such activity on Join Gaybar, nor can you post pictures of illegal activity. We will take it down immediately, and report it to the authorities if needed.


18+ only

Join Gaybar is only for adults. You must be at least 18 years old to use our app, and in some jurisdictions you have to be even older. This is extremely serious. If you violate or we suspect that you violate the age limit, you will be banned, and we may have to involve the authorities.

You also may not post pictures of anyone under 18. EVER. Not even when they are in the background or blurred out or whatever.

If you communicate with another user that you believe is under 18, this is a violation of our age policy. You must report this immediately, so that we can keep yourself and others safe.

Be yourself

Do not pretend to be someone else on Join Gaybar. Authenticity is important. Impersonation of other people, including celebrities, is not cool, and we will take it down and ban you. Content that you post on Join Gaybar should be of you or by you, and you should not present yourself untruthfully.

Protect private information

Your personal details - phone number, password, credit card details, etc. - are for your eyes only. Do not share these details with other users, and some information (like your password) you should not share with anyone - including us. You should also not request such information from other users.

If you post sensitive personal information - about yourself or other people - on your public profile or in forums, we will remove it and we may have to ban or suspend your profile. 

Promotion and solicitation

We understand that you want to spread the word of things you think other people might like, but Join Gaybar is not a platform for you to run your own personal ads. So please do not spam other users with links or use Join Gaybar to advertise. If you want to put an ad on the app, contact us about it instead, and we’ll see what we can do.

Sexual or financial solicitation is of course prohibited.

Report bad behaviour

You will help make Join Gaybar a safe and thriving community by reporting bad behaviour to us. To do so, simply click the “Report user” button on a profile, or click the three dots to report a story. If you want to add comments to your report, please do so - it will help us look into the matter more efficiently.

That said, please remember that there is diversity among people, and content that offends you may not necessarily violate our guidelines. So try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and consider simply blocking the user. If you do so, you and that person will not be part of one another’s map in Join Gaybar.

If you come across a really serious incident, reach out to us at If you can, and you feel comfortable with it, we also recommend that you report to the authorities.

Image rules (the short version)

You may not post images containing the following anywhere on Join Gaybar:

  • Minors, even if they’re in the background or blurred

  • Violence, weapons, offensive or illegal content

  • Drugs (including implied drug use & drug paraphernalia)

  • Spam, advertising, or offers to buy or sell goods or services

You may not post images containing the following on your profile or in stories:

  • Pornography, sexually explicit nudity

  • Other people than yourself, unless you have their permission

We try to identify and take down images that violate our rules, but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be 100% successful. So, if you see an image that you believe violates our rules, please report it to us by clicking the “Report user” button.

Enjoy and have a good time!

We hope that you agree that these guidelines are common decency. Most people have these behaviours inbuilt, so you’ll probably do fine by just being yourself.

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