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Can Join Gaybar be used to stalk me?

No. Several measures have been taken to avoid this:

  • Everything you see in the map is anonymous. This means that when you join a location or event, no one can see that you are there.

  • People need a minimum of three matches/gold matches and 50 Likes to see who they are in their inbox. This makes it difficult to ascertain that you are checked in when you join a place.

  • When you have joined a place, you can also control your visibility settings for other people who are checked in at the same place. So if you want to stay 100% anonymous, you can choose to do so.

How can I control my visibility settings?

When checked in, you can change the visibility settings for your profile by clicking the lock icon. There are three settings that determine who can unlock you: no one, matches only and everyone. Your visibility setting restricts others from opening your profile, but may also restrict you from opening others' (if they can't open you, you can't open them either).

The map

What does the colourful house mean?

The colourful house represents people who fit your preferences.

What does the red heart mean?

The red heart represents people that you have matched with.

What does the gold heart mean?

The gold heart represents people you have gold matched with.

What does the flame icon mean?

The flame icon, the "Like icon", represents people you have liked, but not matched with (yet).

What is map visibility?

The map visibility is how far from your location you are able to see in the map. You may see things that are going on beyond your visibility radius, but not the details. You can see the visibility radiuses for the different subscription tiers in the table below.

Checking in

How do I join a location?

To join a location, you must be within 100m of it. Go to the map and click the rainbow house to see a list of nearby locations.

I want to join a location, but the venue is not in the list. What do I do?

Click the house icon with a "+" sign. This allows you to create a new check-in location. Upload a photo of the place and set the location. If you are setting up a public venue, leave the toggle on to save it and benefit later users. If it is a private, temporary location (e.g. a BBQ in the park), leave the toggle off.

If I post a story, can other users see that I posted it?

No. Stories are always anonymous.

How long will a story remain posted?

For 24 hours.

If I post a story, can I remove it?

Yes, as the creator of a story you may choose to remove it. Go to the message board of your story and click the top left menu to delete it.

When inviting another person to the place I'm checked in at, will the person know that the invite came from me?

Yes and no. There are two alternatives for invites:

1: Inviting nearby matches and likes: they will get a notification in their inbox saying that you invited them. They may respond to the invite, but not chat further until you're checked into the same location. 

2: Anonymously inviting nearby people: This is completely anonymous. On the venue's page, you'll see a section where you can anonymously invite nearby people. They will simply get a notification saying "Someone invited you to <Place>!"


Where can I see a list of my matches?

You will find a list of your matches, gold matches and people you have liked in your inbox. You cannot chat with them until you're both checked into the same location, but you can send them invites.

How do I interact with other users?

In short? You need to be at the same place at the same time. When you are both checked into the same place, you may unlock other users. Once you unlock someone, you may interact via chat while you are both checked in. Or, even better, engage in the old-fahsioned type of interaction - namely face to face.

I liked or disliked someone by mistake. Can I rewind?

Yes, but only if you have a subscription. If you regret liking or disliking a user, simply click the rewind button at the bottom of the feed.

How do I gold like someone?

Click the gold heart in the feed.

If I gold like someone, will they know that I did so?

No. The other person will never know that you gold liked them. If you match, you'll get a gold match and start to see gold hearts in the map.


The table below describes the features included in the different subscriptions of the app.

Create events

Rewinds in feed


Match unlocks per day

"Like" unlocks per day

Map visibility



1 km

1 per month



7 km

2 per month



60 km


How do I remove a match?

At the top of all user profiles are three dots that allow you to remove the user as a match. If you do this, you will no longer see each other as red/gold hearts in the map when you check in. You will also not see each other anymore in the feed.

How do I report a user?

At the top of all user profiles are three dots that allow you to report the user. Click it and specify why you are reporting the user.

Can other people know that I liked them?


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