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Join Gaybar

Any place can be gay


Make LGBTQ+ places. Anywhere.

Coffee shops. Museums. Bars. BBQs in parks. Beaches.  

Any place can be a "gay bar".

Social interaction. As it once was.


Be in the right place at the right time. Interact the old-fashioned way: in real life. Check in. Invite people and create community.

Create. Join.


Create events for your community. Invite friends and matches. Join events and make magic moments.



Feed Man Web.png
Feed Woman Web.png

Match with people of your preference. Look for red and gold hearts in the map. Check in to unlock each other's profile. You're now in the right place at the right time. 

Icons in the map


Rainbow house

Someone who fits your preferences is checked in.

Our vision

As an LGBTQ+ person, finding community and love out in the physical world is not easy. The only place you have a good chance of finding this is at a gay bar, or some other designated LGBTQ+ place. We want to change this. With Join Gaybar™, any bar can be a gay bar. In fact, any place can be LGBTQ+.


Our map shows you where in town you have the best chance of finding what you are looking for. Is it community and likeminded people? Great, just look for the rainbow houses in the map. Are you single? Look for red hearts, gold hearts and purple flame icons. When you are checked in, you become a magnet to other users of the app. They will see an icon at the place where you are checked in. What kind of icon they see depends on their "relationship" to you. If you are a match, they will see a red heart. If they are only looking for community, they will see a rainbow house. And so on. 


Join Gaybar is for everyone, whether you're in a relationship, single or in the closet. It is about giving the LGBTQ+ community the freedom to choose when to party, where to party, when to find love, where to meet friends. Our vision is therefore to replace hope with knowledge. Instead of hoping that you will find community or love at the bar to your left, you will know that there are 77 LGBTQ+ people at the bar to your right. Of those you have 12 matches, 6 gold matches and 7 people you have liked. Tonight, it is a gay bar. Tomorrow, the café on the other side of the street is gay, and next weekend, there just happens to be an LGBTQ+ party at the beach.


The best part is that the story of how you found love or a new friend that day will never be Join Gaybar. It will never be an app. It will be the bar to your right, the café on the other side of the street, or that wonderful beach party that just appeared on a Saturday evening in June.


Join Gaybar is just a tool. It puts you in the right place at the right time. You create your own story from there.

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